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  The Issue

Did you know some of Australia’s best known cage-free eggs come from companies that also produce battery cage eggs?

The battery cage egg industry in Australia is heavily dominated by just a few big players. And they‘re also producing some of our best-known brands of barn-laid or free-range eggs. That means for millions of layer hens, their quality of life comes down to the luck of the draw – whether they’re fortunate enough to be sent to the cage-free farms, or unlucky enough to be locked in a barren battery cage for their entire lives.

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Brand Cage Cage Free Yes, I'd like to write to them
Barn Laid Free Range
Golden Eggs

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Farm Pride Foods
Days Eggs  
Sunny Queen
Pace Farm Fresh Eggs
Pure Foods Eggs


These companies already know the value of cage-free egg farming. They’re half way there! They just need their customers to push them in the right direction.

If you want to buy cage-free eggs, but don’t want to support a company that also uses battery cages, it’s time to tell them to cut out the cages for good.


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